Substance Use Evaluation, or a Drug and Alcohol Evaluation
Hawthorne, NY

The main purpose of this type of evaluation is to determine whether or not a person’s alcohol and/or drug use is a problem in their life. If it is determined to be a problem, the specific extent of the problem will be explored in depth. During the evaluation you can expect:

  • To visit the office once for a total of about 2 hours
  • To be asked various questions regarding your life, relationships, work/school, etc.
  • For your family or friends to contribute to the information gathering portion of the assessment (this is only done with your written permission)
  • To be asked specifically about your overall drug and alcohol use, both currently and in the past
  • To discuss the circumstances surrounding the need for the evaluation
  • To complete some pencil-and-paper questionnaires
  • To receive a copy of the final report (unless there are legal issues preventing this)
  • For your attorney or the courts (or other person you request) to receive a copy of the report
  • For the report to cite any treatment recommendations and clinical diagnoses

(if both are applicable)

Some evaluations are court-ordered, such as in the case of a person receiving a drug/alcohol related driving offense (DWI, DUI) or being arrested for a related offense. Some examples of times when evaluations are not court-ordered include when it is a requirement for entry into a treatment facility, or at the recommendation of their attorney.

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