Psychological Testing
Hawthorne, NY

I specialize in comprehensive psychological testing for adults. If you or your client are experiencing psychological difficulties and are unsure of the exact issue behind it, contact me (link) for a free 15 minute consultation to determine if psychological testing is a good fit.

The evaluation process typically consists of the following:

  • Extensive clinical interview to obtain background history and current difficulties
  • Psychological testing including some combination of the following: IQ/cognitive, personality, memory, as well as executive/adaptive functioning
  • Gathering data from collateral sources (if applicable)
  • Therapeutic feedback session to discuss results and recommendations

Psychological testing is highly tailored towards the individual and the presenting concern.

Some examples of reasons people seek testing:

  • It can be recommended by a mental health professional while in the process of determining your exact diagnosis (es) and to gain clarity about treatment interventions
  • You are seeking accommodations for college courses or during a standardized exam (e.g., MCAT, LSAT, GRE, etc.)
  • Adults on the autism spectrum seeking community services
  • You are seeking insight into various relationship patterns in your life

Have more questions? I’m happy to answer them.