Law Enforcement Disqualification Appeals
(Civil Service Appeals)
Hawthorne, NY

When a job applicant receives either a proposed disqualification or a disqualification for a psychological reason from an agency or department that they wish to appeal, the process is at the discretion of the local civil service commission. If your local civil service commission allows for an appeals process, you can hire a licensed psychologist to conduct a second evaluation at your own expense.

At times, the local civil service commission will allow you to appear in front of a board of appeals. Here, you can present your supporting evidence, such as letters of recommendation or an independent medical evaluation (such as my second evaluation) in an attempt to overturn the initial disqualification.

When conducting these evaluations, I require an initial 50-minute session to discuss the specific factors in your case and I will inform you whether or not I can accept your case. If I accept the case, that initial session fee will be deducted from the overall cost. Please see the fees page under the Getting Started tab for more information.

If you plan to appeal your disqualification, be sure to follow the instructions stated in any correspondence you receive from the agency or department regarding time frames. Most will have a specified time in which you must notify them in writing of your decision to appeal. It is recommended that you send this letter by certified mail with a return receipt requested. If you don’t follow the time frame guidelines, your appeal will likely be dismissed.

The process will begin with a request for the agency or department to send me a copy of your file, including the disqualification report. Given that these are technical reports, and not medical records covered by HIPAA, I cannot release them to you as the applicant. When you signed the consent forms for the job applicant process, it is extremely likely that you waived your right to access this information.

The evaluation process is likely similar to your experience with the pre-employment assessment and will include background history, a clinical interview, psychological testing and records review. A report of my findings from this evaluation process will then be produced based on this data, as well as the previous disqualification report.

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