Immigration Evaluations
Hawthorne, NY

Evaluation Process:

(The evaluation is approached from a culturally-competent framework and considers the unique culture and perspective of the client/family)

  • Comprehensive History of Client and Family
  • Behavioral Observations and Interpretation
  • Examination of Genetic Risk Factors
  • Mental Status Exam (MSE)
  • Current Mental Health Complaints
  • Assessment of Abuse and Trauma
  • Assignment of a Mental Health Diagnosis (if applicable)
  • Published Psychological Research/Literature (if applicable)
  • Malingering Test
  • Use of Valid and Reliable Psychological Measures
  • Examination of Extensive Background Factors Regarding Hardships (financial, socio-cultural, medical, etc.)
  • Incorporation of Applicable medical Records (from outside physicians, psychiatric hospitals, or mental health professionals, etc.)
  • Expert Psychological Opinion


  • Three 50-minute sessions to gather information and understand your unique family circumstances
  • Detailed letter containing expert psychological opinions to include in waiver petition packet
  • Collaboration with your immigration attorney (if applicable)
  • Revision of letter to ensure satisfaction (if applicable)
  • Opportunity to discuss and process difficult life circumstances with a Licensed Psychologist
  • Tips/Resources for managing the stress of the immigration process
  • Tips/Resources for coping with trauma (if applicable)

Turnaround timeframe:

The report will be completed and mailed within 10 business days from date of final session. It will include any applicable records. If you need the letter in a shorter time frame, additional fees apply.

Two sets of signed hard copies will be mailed: one to the client and one to the attorney. The above fee includes one revision in case of errors.

Please see fees page for pricing information.

Please note: Dr. Casarella cannot guarantee approval of any immigration-related petition; however, she will present the best case possible for you and your family.

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